Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bruno Latour: A Brief Bibliography

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Reassembling the Social: an Introduction to Actor-Network Theory, 2005.
Outlines ANT.

Aramis, or the Love of Technology, 1996.
A "case study" of the failure of a planned personal rapid transit system named Aramis, using ANT.

We Have Never Been Modern, 1993.
Examines the Modernist distinctions between nature and society, human and thing and suggests that these are false- we live in an interconnected world of hybrid systems instead.

Laboratory Life: the Social Construction of Scientific Facts, 1979 (with Steve Woolgar).
Ethnographic study of a neuroendocrinology research laboratory. This work demonstrated that naive descriptions of the scientific method, in which theories stand or fall on the outcome of a single experiment, are inconsistent with actual laboratory practice.

Science In Action: How to Follow Scientists and Engineers Through Society, 1987.
Outlines his theoretical approach to the empirical study of science and technology.

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